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Laser Services

Laser Services

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Laser skin care treatments are non invasive and can reduce wrinkles, facial blemishes and scars, resulting in a rejuvenated, healthy complexion. Wake Forest Baptist offers a variety of different laser technologies suited for various skin types, textures and conditions.

LimeLight Facial™ - Skin Care Services
The Cutera® LimeLight Facial™ is a non invasive laser treatment that minimizes and removes redness, brown spots, sun damage and small veins. It can be used on the face, neck or chest area and results in an improved skin tone and texture. Learn more about LimeLight Facial™

Pearl Fractional - Skin Care Services
The Cutera® Pearl Fractional is an agressive, ablative laser that rejuvenates skin in a single treatment. Targeted to skin care patients with moderate to sever photo aging, this skin care treatment has effective results with minimal patient downtime.

CoolGlide Excel YAG - Skin Care Services
This laser treatment is perfect for removing vascular lesions, veins and broken capillaries in the skin. Treatments are fast and customized for individual skin type.

eLight™ - Complete Facial Aesthetic Solution - Skin Care Services
Clear, smooth and rejuvenate skin with eLight™. This is a complete facial treatment system that has been proven safe and effective for a wide range of skin textures and tones. The eLight features proprietary elõs and combines energy technology of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) with both light and diode laser energies for safe, amazing results. Learn more about eLight.

Laser Acne Treatment - Skin Care Services
Not ready for Accutane? Antibiotics not working ? In addition to good peels, a laser acne skin care package can help with bacteria in our outer skin. Using heat, radiofrequency and intense pulsed light, we can change the environment of our skin. We recommend a series of weekly peels to be used, in addition to good skin care, for particularly difficult acne cases.