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Facial Treatments

Medispa Facial Treatments

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Remember that all treatments are based on individual needs. This service list is designed to serve solely as a reference guide. A consultation in our office allows us to create your specialized skin care treatment plan. 

Express Cleanse Facial (30 minutes)
Take advantage of a shortened session that focuses on your skin's most urgent needs. Excellent for anyone in a hurry needing intense exfoliation and the nurturing benefits of a stimulating cell renewal mask.

European Facial (60 to 90 minutes)
This facial helps maintain a healthy complexion by gently exfoliating the skin. It includes an analysis of the skin, cleansing, exfoliation, specialized mask treatments, and a relaxing facial massage. An ideal facial for an initial visit.

Intense Moisture Facial (60 minutes)
This facial is designed to significantly reduce transepidermal water loss, leaving skin smooth and healthy. It is a perfect choice for dry, sun-exposed skin because of the ability to dramatically increase overall moisture. This is also an excellent choice for Obagi Nu-Derm® users who need hydration.

Avene® Redness Relief Calming Facial (60 minutes)
If your skin is prone to redness and rosacea, this cool, calming facial will hydrate without oiliness. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties will help heal, calm and soothe acne, rosacea and sensitive skin.

Antioxidant Facial (60 minutes)
Protect your skin from harmful free radicals with antioxidants. The increased intensity of antioxidants gives your skin a boost during the facial session. Vitamin C is scientifically proven to increase collagen, fight free radical damage, and decrease signs of sun damage and aging.

European Facial with High-frequency Current
This facial has the added boost of Tesla high-frequency current, which is a painless thermal current. The benefits of adding current to a facial is that it; stimulates blood circulation, increases product absorption, increases metabolism, improves germicidal action (actually killing p-acnes bacteria) and relieves skin congestion. This facial is great for a wide array of skin issues, from acne to collagen loss.

European Facial with Microdermabrasion (90 minutes)
A different approach to exfoliating the skin. We use crystal microdermabrasion technology that targets fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and a deeper refinement of the skin. Includes a full deep-pore cleansing, microdermabrasion treatment, extractions, trigger-point facial massage, facial mask and a moisturizer according to skin type.

Gentleman's Facial (60 minutes)
Designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of male skin, this facial combats damage and congestion. This facial is ideal for all male skin types because it balances, purifies and restores the skin to a more healthy state. The experience includes a relaxing head and shoulder massage.