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By Dr. Jordan Wallin
April 11, 2016
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Recovery after rhinoplasty


How much will it hurt to remove the hump on my nose and what is the recovery time?

This is a common question as many patients are concerned about the potential for pain after rhinoplasty. While it is true that with all cosmetic procedures there is a healing time and some pain, most patients enjoy a relatively short recovery from this type of procedure. In general, patients require pain medicine for the first day or two and usually transition to over-the-counter pain medications on an as needed basis. Usually the biggest concern after surgery is not pain, but rather a relative congestion inside the nose. This congestion is temporary in nature and is experienced as a result of swelling around the surgical area. A majority of this swelling resolves quickly during the first post-operative week. To limit discomfort from congestion I don't use nasal packing which many patients learn on the internet really hurts coming out. A special "quilting" technique that takes a few minutes longer during the surgery saves you from much pain during your post-operative visit. Most people will feel comfortable in public one week atter surgery but some might take two weeks. To give you an idea of what to expect, this patient is seen before surgery (left) and one week after surgery(right) and felt comfortable in public at that time.

Before                                             After


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