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By Wake Forest Facial Plastic Surgery
December 04, 2017
Category: Fillers
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Are you tired of looking tired? How many people have asked you if you're getting enough sleep? Wrinkles and fine lines around our juvedermmouths, eyes and nose really can make us look older and well, just plain worn out--even when we're not! What's the solution? In Clemmons and Winston-Salem, NC, Juvederm injections provide the smoothing, rejuvenating look you long for. At Wake Forest Baptist Health Facial Plastic Surgery, your board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Jordan Wallin and Dr. Brian Downs give their patients the aesthetic boost they need quickly and comfortably. Learn the details about Juvederm here.

Juvederm works wonders

What is Juvederm? FDA-approved in 2006, Juvederm injections deliver naturally-derived hyaluronic acid to areas of the face that are prone to dynamic wrinkling--that is, around the eyes, nose and sides of the mouth. These lines which occur when facial muscles move during smiling or frowning add to a tired, aged appearance. But in just 30 minutes, your Clemmons and Winston-Salem facial plastic surgeon can fill those wrinkles with a unique, non-allergenic gel which instantly produces youthful-looking results.

To start, Dr. Wallin or Dr. Downs will prep the areas of the face with an anesthetic cream. Then, the doctor carefully injects the Juvederm preparation. Areas can include:

  • The line between the mouth and the chin
  • The folds beside the nose
  • Cheeks (to restore volume)
  • Upper lip

Most patients say they feel comfortable during the injections and experience only very minor bruising, puffiness and soreness afterward.

Before and after Juvederm

After each treatment, they resume normal activities the next day, including work and exercise at the gym. Bruising is very minimal and may be covered with the individual's usual cosmetics.

Look good, feel great

Cosmetic facial procedures increase self-image. Frankly, when you look refreshed, you feel more outgoing and confident. Juvederm helps patients look like themselves, only better.

If you're interested in minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures for your best face possible, contact Wake Forest Baptist Health Facial Plastic Surgery in Clemmons and Winston-Salem, NC today for a consultation with our expert team. Call (336) 716-4000.

By Wake Forest Facial Plastic Surgery
August 05, 2016
Category: Procedures
Tags: Juvederm  

Find out more about this dermal filler and what it could do for your appearance.

Many people are looking for ways to get a more youthful appearance. If you find yourself lathering on the next anti-aging product in the hopes of saying goodbye to stubborn lines and wrinkles there might be an easier way. Find out more about Juvederm and how our JuvedermClemmons doctors Dr. Jordan Wallin and Dr. Brian Downs can help you.

Q. What is Juvederm?

A. This non-surgical treatment is a dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid to treat lines and wrinkles of the face and to enhance your appearance and make skin look younger.

Q. What is it used for?

A. Juvederm is injected into the top layers of the face using a thin needle. While it will smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, it can also reduce the appearance of scars and improve skin’s volume and radiance.

Q. What makes Juvederm different from other dermal fillers?

A. Juvederm is the only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that has results that last up to one year. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is already naturally occurring in the skin. Healthy skin has a lot of hyaluronic acid present, but sunlight and other issues can actually reduce the amount of HA in the skin. Loss of HA can lead to a loss of volume in the skin, which can result in wrinkles and fold.

Q. When will results show up? How long will results last?

A. You will be able to see a change in your appearance right after treatment, with the optimal results appearing in about 10 days. As we mentioned above, results are only meant to last up to one year, but you can choose to get touch-up treatments from our Clemmons doctors to maintain your results for longer.

Are you ready to find out if Juvederm is the right treatment for you? Then call our Clemmons office today to schedule your no-risk consultation. Let Wake Forest Baptist Health give your skin the makeover it deserves.