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By wakeforestfacialplastics.com
July 29, 2016
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How does Latisse® lengthen my eyelashes?



Excellent question! The medication, bimatoprost, was originally used as a topical or droplet medication placed on the eyeball for conditions such as glaucoma to help reduce the pressure within the eye. People reported, as a side effect, that their eyelashes lengthened as a result of using this medication.

When Latisse® is placed at the base of the lashes it is thought to prolong one of the three natural stages of hair growth called an anagen. This results in more growth time before the natural shedding of the lash. The exact mechanism the stimulus his prosthesis is not well understood.

Several studies have noted longer, fuller and darker lashes as result of using Latisse®.

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Jordan L. Wallin, MD