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By contactus@wakeforestfacialplastics.com
July 19, 2016
Category: face fillers
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Why does BOTOX® go away?



Most people love how BOTOX ® works to decrease or eliminate lines on their faces and wish it would last longer. Unfortunately, BOTOX® is a temporary medicine used to paralyze muscles that lasts 3-4 months for most people. It works by being taken up into the end of nerves and blocking special “docking” proteins. By blocking these docking proteins, the neuro-transmitter acetylcholine isn’t able to be released to stimulate the surrounding muscle. Over time, nerve terminals begin a process called sprouting which allows nerve endings to once again stimulate the surrounding muscle. It is also thought that the original nerve ending becomes functional once again. As result, you will begin to see lines on your face as result of functional muscles.

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Jordan L. Wallin, MD

By wakeforestfacialplastics.com
May 23, 2016
Category: face fillers
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Patient: I like what fillers do for my face but they are expensive and go away too soon. What options exist for a more permanent filler?



There are many fillers that are used today to help revolumize the face and lips however the problem with many fillers is the temporary nature of the products. Most off-the-shelf fillers last between 9 months to 2 years depending on the type used.

Our office now offeres fat transplantation which is usually obtained from your belly area and placed into the face, lips, hands, etc. that have lost contour and symmetry due to the natural process of aging. The fat is ultra-processed with specialized equipment in the office for the best product ensuring the maximal viability. To obtain the best result, a small component of your blood called PRP is injected with the purified fat to help maximize the survival of the newly transplanted fat cells.

The whole procedure is done in the office and takes about two hours. One huge benefit of fat transplantation over traditional fillers is I expect around 80% of the fat to be present at 5 years. 


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Jordan L. Wallin, MD