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By wakeforestfacialplastics.com
May 27, 2016
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I feel like my chin is small. What is a normal chin size?



Genetics play an important role into many conditions which can make your jaw look small. Understanding the cause of this appearance is important and is done during the consultation.

  1. Microgenia - Underdevelopment of the jaw bone with normal alignment of teeth
  2. Retrognathism - Normal size jaw bone but the jaw position is posterior in respect to the upper teeth
  3. Micrognathia - Underdevelopment of jaw bone with poor positioning of the teeth.  The lower teeth are pushed backward compared to the upper teeth as well

While there are several common methods to evaluate the proper chin position, in general, a woman’s chin should get within a few millimeters of a line drawn down from the pink portion of the lower lip. Men usually have more prominent jaws and usually extend to or beyond this line.

Depending on the cause of the chin position a short surgery to place an implant can help or in-office procedures can be done to help improve facial balance.  Call our office today, (336) 716-4000, to discuss options.

Jordan L. Wallin, MD