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By wakeforestfacialplastics.com
April 29, 2016
Category: Brow Lift
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My eyelids are so heavy. What can be done to see better?



Thanks for your questions! I frequently see patients who desire an improvement in their vision which is normally covered under most insurance plans. Some patients have prominent laxity of their forehead skin called brow ptosis while others have an excess amount of skin over their eyelids which we refer to dermatochalasis. Frequently these conditions are seen together and patient's benefit from simultaneous surgery to elevate the brows to their normal position and remove excess skin from the upper eyelids. A  minimally-invasive technique called an endoscopic brow lift can be done for many patients often depending on the location of their hair line.  Using this technique, I am able to elevate the skin of the forehead and brows to an aesthetically pleasing location and help improve vision all while hiding all potential scars in the hair. No hair is shaved for this procedure.

Like all surgeries, this surgery requires a recovery period. Most people, however, are extremely satisfied with the improvement of their vision and also love the simultaneous rejuvenation of their upper faces.

If you feel like your vision is compromised from heavy brows or eyelid skin or simply would like to discuss rejuvenation of your upper face give me a call at (336) 716-4000 and I would be happy to discuss options for you.


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Jordan Wallin, MD

By wakeforestfacialplastics.com
April 14, 2016
Category: Brow Lift
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I have lost my neck line, what can I do to bring back my youthful neck?


There are many factors that contribute to a neck that appears aged:

  1.  Skin Quality (age spots and laxity)
  2.  Fatty Tissue
  3.  Gravity's effect on the soft tissues of the face and jaw
  4.  Pulling apart of muscles found in the neck leading to "turkey neck"   

Depending on the cause of the aged neck many options exist. Some patients will experience the best result with surgical procedures to lift and tightening the skin. Others might be good candidates for in office procedures to reduce fat along with treatments such as liposuction or Kybella®.

This patient was concerned about her neck and underwent a surgical procedure to lift and tightening the skin helping rejuvenate her neck line.

Call our office today 336-716-4000 to schedule a consultation and mention this blog and receive the consultation for free.

Jordan L. Wallin, MD